Sunday, 15 June 2014

Favourite Moments

Hello my lovelies! 

My last post had rather a lot of attention from so many people and loads of you have been messaging me asking to hear more, so here we are! 

My first year of university has been full of many perfect moments but there are certain things that have stuck with me and it's only fair to share perfect memories. Here are a few more little bits of joy for you all to have a little peek at. I apologise for there not being a whole lot of detail in a lot of these memories but I can't write every little thing as some of these things happened several months ago so are only snippets of happiness.

Photo day
The photo event itself is not the memorable part but rather what happened afterwards. A few of us decided to go along to the SU for a couple of drinks... that turned in to a lot of drinks. It really helped some of us to get to know each other and just have a real good laugh. Sure the night put me off wine for a while and I ended up without my bed to sleep in but I really don't mind it because it was such a good night.

Visits from Friends
Two of my very dear friends from my sixth form have visited me while I've been at university and both visits were so much fun. The first visit was absolutely hilarious with a blindfolded social night, lots of alcohol, film watching and down time and the second was a lovely little catch up with a night out and lots of drunken giggles. 

House Parties
Some were brilliant, some were disastrous but all were memorable. In particular there was one at Halloween with everyone on the street really getting in to the theme which was fabulous, another brilliant one included a load of people I don't know and Eurovision. Again, everyone got really in to it and things got hilarious.

Blog Writing
Of course you guys are in it, I don't think this year could have been quite so brilliant if I didn't have my outlets. Yes there was the gym, coffee chats and shopping, but nothing made me feel better after a long day than getting back to my room and writing a load for my blog. There are so many posts that I've started and not yet posted and I'm so excited for what's to come as the year progresses. I hope that you'll all stick with me as I explore some different topics in the near future. 

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Love you all!


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