Thursday, 27 November 2014

Growing up - Somewhere new to live

Hello my lovelies!

SO I'm now well in to my second year of university here at the University of Chester and it's been a wonderful experience so far. I'm way on top of most of my work, I've found the friends I want to keep and my new housemates are sweethearts. Most of the time anyway. However I've also discovered more about myself. I now know that I do get stressed easily and I'm not as social friendly as I was last year. I have a lot more responsibility to myself and to others and I think I've taken to it rather well. I've also decided that I'm ready to have my own place. 

I know what you're thinking - 'You've got your own place, you pay rent on a house!' - but I don't feel like it's my home. I want somewhere that I can take care of and really make my own, somewhere friends can visit but also where I can be away from the world. A real place to call my own. I'm planning to become a big girl and find a flat to rent next year. A one bedroom flat or a studio flat. All by myself! If I could afford it and felt I wanted to settle in Chester I would probably consider buying an apartment, but alas I cannot and do not. 

It's a little bit scary, but I think I'm ready. I know that I definitely don't want to be a hall warden in my third year as I struggle dealing with the freshers and the noise this year, and that's without needing to do a dissertation. I also don't want to be stuck in another house full of strangers where there's bound to be drama or little friendship cliques. I definitely don't want to be somewhere that requires me to share a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with more than 2 other people - I have a bit of a thing about hygiene when it comes to sharing such facilities. 

I do feel like this is a big leap in to the bounds of adulthood, but it's going to happen some day so I say 'why not sooner rather than later?'. It's time to get the Bridget Jones pants out, pull my socks up and grow up. 

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Love you all!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

FABBBirmingham Event

Hello my lovelies!

Quite recently I took a little trip to Birmingham as I was excitedly invited to attend FABBBirmingham, an event for Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. I was super excited (even though I'm more of a lifestyle blogger) and boy am I glad I went! I was rather nervous about attending the event as it was my first blogger event however everyone was lovely and it was a super stress free experience.

Not only were there some lovely bloggers in attendance, but also some rather wonderful brands! Here are just a few of my favourites:

The event was hosted at Alfie Bird's, The Custard Factory in Birmingham by the lovely Tor and Ray who have the most fabulous blogs so please do hop on over. Admittedly I was a little sceptical about just how small the space appeared as I don't handle being crowded in small spaces very well however the rooms were surprisingly spacious and brands were spread across two floors. It was an excellent choice of host and I must applaud the girls on their excellent taste.

My absolute highlight is definitely summed up in this picture! I think these were the 3rd table I came to anf boy oh boy did I love them. Crystal Clear were offering free facial treatment using ground breaking technology in the world of skin care. I had half of my face treated and it faded my skin pigmentation and plumped up the skin making it look fresh and bright, it was very easy to see the difference in the two sides of my face. 

This lip gloss has to be my biggest let down however as I have found it to be super sticky. Although the colours are lovely and the first few times I used it I found it wearable by the third use I was fed up of my hair getting stuck which is really rather upsetting. On the whole though, the other products on show with StageLine UK and Mistair were rather fascinating and I must thank them for the fake blood just in time for Halloween. 

However the opposite can be said of the Light Me Up Lip gloss from MeMeMe Cosmetics which I have been using on an almost daily basis. The LED light and mirror make it super easy to apply, it's very light wearing, the colour choice is simply fabulous and there is no stickiness.

I have definitely added a rather large amount of their products to my Christmas list after seeing the wonderful spread they produced at the event.

Bodhi & Birch you fabulous, delicious, incredible people! I am in love with every single thing that was on display as it all smelled so amazing. I was particularly fond of the Chai body lotion (I cannot remember the full name of it for the life of me though D;) and it was so great to have the wonderful Elijah Choo to take care of us.

The most wonderful thing about blogger events is that there are so many lovely people who are with you. I took Meg who, and she'll admit to this herself, is rather clueless about fashion and beauty brands and wondered why on earth she'd agreed to come along. Yet she and I both had an absolute blast and it was a joy to share the experience with Charlotte of blackandwhitesheeps, someone we both know from uni and had no idea we would bump in to! Also, nearly all of these fabulous photos were taken by Meg so props to you girl!

A huge thank you to all of the brands and people who hosted and came along to the event to treat us. You did an excellent job and I look forward to attending more FABB events in the future

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Love you all!