Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Freshers: Heading to University - Part 2

Hello my lovelies!

So we've got up to you having your lists sorted with what you think you need to get. Take a good long look and just think, 'Do I really need everything on this?', I sure didn't. Sometimes it can be better to wait and see what's already there. The kitchen may already have that toaster, kettle and microwave you're so desperate to take up room packing. Think logically. If you're in self-catered there will be provisions, there won't be those extra things though like blenders, toastie makers etc. Also, if you plan on taking such things it would be best to check that your university or landlord allows them in the accommodation, you don't want to be getting in trouble!

The best piece of advice I was given? Don't take your entire wardrobe. You won't really know what kind of storage space there is and you don't want to be living out of your suitcase all year. Take enough for 3 weeks max, you're going to need to learn to use a washing machine if you don't already and you could always take a trip home to get more clothes if need be. That's another thing, make sure you don't forget something to put your laundry in.. Can't have those flings walking in to your room and seeing dirty underwear everywhere! Make life easier for yourself and see if you can find one that has a double holding space so you can separate darks and lights as you go along.

Don't go crazy buying stationary either and certainly don't go buying every single book on your reading list right away. Most courses only really focus on one or two books on your list and they can cost up to £30, sometimes more. If you're lucky your Uni might offer a scheme such as Aspire (which runs in most John Smith book stores) where each student is given £50 on their student card to spend in the on-campus book store (comes in real handy at Chester!) or there may be a second-hand book sale during freshers week where you can pick them up for half the price. 

It's also a good idea to pick up a large holdable box or bag for your wash kit and other bathroom essentials. I was given a Soap & Glory box set which came in a vanity case (pictured below) for Christmas in 2011 so I tend to use that as it's large and waterproof so any spillages are contained. And don't forget about a laundry bag if you have to use a communal laundrette - you should be able to pick up something at local garden centres most of the year round. 

Once you've got everything sorted it's time to pack it in a way that's going to be travel friendly. I recommend using one or two suitcases/roller bags/holdalls then putting everything else into boxes or crates. You'll be able to pick up plenty of plastic boxes for a friendly price from pretty much anywhere around August/September time as all the shops will have their stock suited for students. I was able to pick up some cute pink boxes (which also came in white or blue) from Tesco for around £5 each depending on what size you want. It's a good idea to have boxes because you can use them for extra storage once you arrive and what you don't want can be stacked in to a smaller pile to go back in the car. 
Something I would recommend doing as soon as you know your accommodation is get on to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and find your house mates/room mates/flat mates or people in the same building/block/street as you. It's always good if you can get to know the people you're going to be living with for the next year before you even get there. Check for any groups that may have been made (I had University of Chester: Church College Close 2013-2014 but yours may be less complicated and lengthy) and make sure that you're on them and active. Post a message saying hey and start arranging your first night out on Fresher's week! 

So that's about it. Everything you really need to do before you leave home. The only thing left? Packing that car, saying goodbye and getting yourself to your new home. Next week I'll be posting all about your arrival and getting over those last minute nerves.

Got any questions? Leave a comment or get in touch - all of my contact details are on this page

Love you all!

T xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Favourite things of the week!

Hello my lovelies! 

So this week I've been loving a whole lotta stuff and it's about time I shared them with you!

This lovely red fluffy me-to-you dressing gown jacket was given to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, I just love the time of year when I can get it back out for those cosy nights watching Supernatural and Glee!

This super sexy lip gloss from Soap & Glory has to be one of my all time favourite products. AI always wear it and it has nice subtle shades that are suitable all year round, you can grab your very own from any Boots store.

Who doesn't love super soft slippers? Especially in the Winter. Grab yourself a pair of fluffy boot slippers nice and cheap from Primark to keep your tootsies warm right through the Christmas season!
I just love love LOVE jackets and blazers this season, everyone's obsessed with their jumpers and cosy cardigans but I can't stop gawping at the jackets. Currently I'm obsessing over tweed blazers like the one above in Joules, but you can get them much cheaper and in many different styles from any high street chain at the moment. Plus they make a lovely Christmas gift for a stylish gal. 
Finally it's the Tommy Girl Perfume. I've unfortunately just finished my last bottle of the stuff because I wear it almost every day and can't seem to find it anywhere at the moment! It has the most delicious smell that's subtle yet flirtatious and is a big must have for Winter and Spring.
If you have any favourite things you'd like me to feature then feel free to get in touch.

Come back next week for more of my favourite things and some brand new Christmas gift ideas! 

Love you all! 

T xxx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Anxious Issues: Getting out and about

Hello my lovelies!

This is the first of my 'Anxious Issues' series which I will hopefully be posting once a week like the 'Freshers' series. In this first blog I want to tackle an issue that I have struggled with and I know many other sufferers do too. 
It's a vicious cycle but you don't have to deal with it alone.

Leaving the house can be hard when you have anxiety, there's a paranoia that nags in the back of your mind. For some it's simply a self-conscious thing, for others it can be a whole lot scarier, and for some it's completely unknown (like me). It can be difficult to go out clubbing, to lectures and even just to get the local newspaper so many sufferers like to hole themselves up in their rooms and sink in to a very low mood which can trigger both depression and anxiety in their extremes. I refuse to be one of those and if you can relate to such a situation then so should you. 

It can be better to head out and about with a friend, at least then you have somebody to help you if you find yourself having a severe anxiety attack. I always say start off small and work your way up, just go for a short walk round the block and gradually build it up to a longer walk, maybe in to the town center where you can treat yourself with some retail therapy. Eventually you'll realise that there is very little to worry about. 

If you are out and about and can feel yourself getting to the point of an attack then find somewhere clear of people and sit down. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think about the things that make you happy and comfortable and try your very best to ignore everything going on around you. If you're with someone then have them pre-prepared with the best way to deal with you. Some people are more comfortable being left totally alone so you may ask them to make sure no-one comes near you, others may prefer if their friend is there to hold their hand or give them a hug. Only you know the best way to deal with your anxiety attacks and if you do feel uncomfortable do not be scared to tell whoever you're with.

'But what about if I'm self-conscious?'

Everybody has body issues. You have to learn to accept yourself and if you really feel self conscious then find a style to suit you that you feel comfortable in. I like to wear baggy clothes so that I blend in, some girls prefer tight skimpy clothes but will wear a lot of make up because they don't want the real them on show, some guys wear sports gear all the time because they don't want to have to think about what outfits will look best. Yes, people judge, it's only natural and it will probably always be that way so you just have to find the style that you feel comfortable in both mentally and physically. 

Earlier this year I found Zoella's blog and Youtube channel where I watched her video all about dealing with anxiety and how she has decided to say yes to more things and I completely commend her approach. Do say yes to going shopping with your friends, do say yes to leaving the house even if it's just for a short walk. It will get better the more you go out. I find that my anxiety is worse when I'm alone and I will often have panic attacks when walking by myself so I tried to always have someone with me and gradually, over time, I now find that simple daily tasks such as walking around campus and the local town are no issue for me any more. Sure, I still get paranoid and every now and then I will have a small panic attack, but they're only small and they are easy to deal with. I just want you to follow her advice, say yes to more things, take more risks and break out of your shell. 

You don't have to live on the internet, you just have to believe that there is so much more out there and that you have the strength to handle it.

Love you all

T xxx

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Freshers: Heading to University - Part 1

Hello my lovelies!

I know I know, another post so soon? That's right, I had to do something a little less personal.. although it'll probably end up still rather personal anyway. But yeah. Anywho, I thought I'd kick things off by letting you all know about my life as a University student. I'm planning on doing one of these a week so get used to it!

So before I even got to Uni things were stressful, there was the whole application process, exams, boyfriend drama.. blah blah blah.. Don't be fooled! That stuff is NOTHING compared to the summer before hand and then actually arriving here is a whoooole other story.

The summer was long.. and I mean looooooong.. It always is for those of us finishing A Levels or other higher education courses before going off to uni because we finish school early and start uni late. At least that means we have loads of time to prepare, right? Right? Wrong. You have the time to relax and do your thing right up until results day, that's when it all starts getting very chaotic. 

Results day arives and you get panicky, you want to know your results right away but then get too scared to actually look at them. Best thing to do? Just get it over with, there's no point stressing yourself out even more than you need to already, plus if you're with friends it can be a great boost. Boom! You know if you're in or not! Next thing? Check UCAS, see if your university of choice has accepted you, if it's unclear then don't be scared to ring them. If you want to go to uni then you have to do everything you can to get in. 

Right, so all the drama is over, you know you're in to a university. What now? You got it, more drama! Where are you going to live? What do you need to take? Oh no.. You need a whole new wardrobe! Just take a moment to calm down. Make a list, organise yourself, don't freak out like I did. First things first, see what you're going to do about your accommodation, you're going to need to know where to live if you're going to figure out what it is you need to take. I promise you, doing things methodically will make your life (and the amount of money being withdrawn from the family bank) a whole lot lovelier. 

All good, uni sorted, accommodation sorted. Now you can think about yourself. Look online for some lists if you can't figure out what you need to take. Try Studential.com or this awesome list if you're struggling. It's time to start packing up and getting ready to leave...

To be continued later this week in Freshers: Heading to University - Part 2

Love you all! 
T xxx

Greetings, let me tell you a little bit about me

Hello my lovelies! 

So, it's come to this, I've started a blog guys! That's right, not only am I on the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook train, it's time to get in with the big guys. 

You may wonder why I've decided to start this up, or why I sound so odd.. Well, at the moment it's because I need that little something extra to help me through my days and I've still got to get used to writing for an audience as such. I thought it'd be nice to share my inner ramblings with the world

So, as the title says, this is your chance to find out just who I am and what I'm all about. So here goes... I'll keep it short and sweet

(*coughs* yeahh... I like to pull faces...)

1. What is my name? Tamsin Rebecca
2. How old am I? I'm the lovely age of 18
3. Where am I from? Leicester, UK 
4. Where do I study? The University of Chester
5. How tall am I? 5'2".. at a push.. My nickname's Hobbit cause all my friends are taller
6. What colour eyes do I have? Blue.. Green.. Grey.. Depends on the light
7. And my hair? It's a kind of brown/blonde/ginger thing.. Hard to explain really
8. Why have I decided to blog? Because I have so much to say about so many things plus I have anxiety and I want to share how easy it can be to live your life while struggling with the pressures. I was influenced by the likes of Youtubers such as Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter (otherwise known as Louise) as well as many other bloggers and vloggers and I realised that this was something I really wanted to do. For myself, and for you guys.
9. When's my Birthday? January 6th!
10. Finally, why should you stick around and read my blog? Because I have so much to give and share with the world, I just want to make a difference and make others smile. I'm also rather amusing at times and I don't mind you criticising me too much so please do comment. 
Love you all! 
T xxx