Thursday, 10 December 2015

Reception Class Blogmas 2015 - Day 10

Hello my lovelies!

Boy oh boy am I tired! Today was my first day working with a lovely local Primary School in order to gain some further, more recent experience working in the classroom and I was fortunate enough to work with the reception class. I have only worked with the Early Years Foundation Stage once before so I was rather nervous about how I would be able to handle them but the children were so sweet and all of the staff so friendly that I had no need to be concerned. 

For those of you who may not know, I have quite a vast life plan. I've always know that I wanted to be a Primary teacher but in more recent years that plan has expanded. I'd like to start my career teaching, progressing to higher roles in school; head of department, head of year, head of faculty, then Deputy Head, Headteacher and Super-head. I'd eventually like to progress in to the political side of education, working with the Department of Education. The biggest role, right at the top of my list, is Minister for Education, but who knows maybe Prime Minister could be stuck in there too! However, I do believe in progressing to said career points, meaning I'm determined to gain the experience in order to earn those places. I want to teach because I am passionate about educating people and sharing knowledge. I'd like to think I will be the kind of teacher who inspires her pupils, pushing them to become the best version of themselves not only academically but socially and personally. A well-rounded person, in my opinion, will always go far.

Anywho, back to my day! I really enjoyed working with the Reception class. I got to work on independent maths skills at one of the best times of the year in schools so the students were incredibly excited and terribly eager to learn. I also got to experience Physical Education, it certainly isn't how I remember it! The class participated in hockey, something I didn't do until at least Year 5 or 6! I remember my Primary P.E classes being mostly athletics, gymnastics and dance. Maybe a little bit of football. One particular class that springs to mind was the Tudor Dance class we had for a few weeks as P.E in order to learn a routine to use in the school play - I played Queen Elizabeth that year, it was awesome having everyone bow down to me haha! - but i certainly do not remember being allowed near a hockey stick.

Photo courtesy of University of Chester Orchestral Society
This evening was rather hectic as well, as it was the Orchestral Society's Christmas Performance. I was shattered, had barely had any time to eat and get changed and really did not feel like putting on a show. In the end, however, it was a great night. We raised a bunch of money for charity - even if the University Choir did let us down last minute - and we put on one hell of a show. My Orchestra family has been one of my biggest support networks at uni, I've made friends there who I know will be in my life for a long time.

Now though, I think it's time for me to sleep. Goodnight!

Love you all!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Daily Student Comforts.. Blogmas 2015 - Day 8 & 9

Hello my lovelies!

The past couple of days have been fairly uneventful. Tuesday was a typical day that started bright and early prepped for a day of lectures. After spending my first few hours of the day groggily trying to write down all the notes necessary for my first lecture, I was rather happy and also slightly annoyed that my afternoon lecture was cancelled. It meant that I could spend a decent chunk of time in the library - something I rarely do, but I'll explain that in a moment - and knuckle down to get a bunch of work done. I don't know what had got in to me but I got a whole lotta work done and felt rather proud of myself! The rest of my day was fairly uneventful and I spent the majority of it tucked up in my room watching Netflix (with no chill before y'all get your minds in the gutter). 

Back to the library... I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't mind public libraries but the uni library gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don't know what it is, but I have never really wanted to willingly walk in, sit down and work. I think it might be the eerie silence of some parts, or maybe the fact that there are so many people in there working and you never know who's watching you. Like I said, it really weirds me out! However, once in a while, I find myself in a mental state of motivation and suddenly I find the library to be a haven of knowledge and student comfort. That's definitely becoming an increasingly persistent mental state with the implementation of a Costa in our library.

Today was slow and steady. Nothing too exciting, just a bit of work, shopping and binge-watching. This evening had a splatter of musical-ness which always makes me happy! 

I shall have lots to tell you tomorrow as it will be my first day volunteering at a local Primary school! I am seriously excited!

Love you all!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Quiet day! Blogmas 2015 - Day 7

Hello my lovelies!

I didn't get back to Chester yesterday until rather late so I was shattered and fell asleep before I could find the energy to write, which is why we've skipped ahead a day. At least I warned you! I did however have a lovely day yesterday so let me catch you up. 

Yesterday morning I had a small sleep in and spent as much time with my parents as possible. We had a Costa break just before lunch time and I had the delicious mulled fruits drink. I must say, I am rather a fan of mulled drinks... Mulled wine is of course my favourite, however these mulled fruits drinks on the Starbucks and Costa menus are seriously tasty. My mother stuck to the more traditional gingerbread latte, although she has a rather complicated order which is a bit of a nuisance but a whole lot simpler to make than it sounds, and my father had some kind of toffee/caramel drink... I think. I actually don't remember what he ordered. I'm not a coffee person though, so none of the festive things that have coffee in really appeal to me. I'm more of a cold drinks kinda gal.

The afternoon was really nice as I got to see my grandparents before I left as they joined us for a full Sunday Roast. I cannot explain to you how excited I was for a roast dinner. Last time I was home, I completely missed out on a proper Sunday roast and it was a total nightmare because it's the one meal I really look forward to when I go home. My mum's cooking is the best - although I may be a little biased haha. My coach left at 4.40pm so it was really nice that I had a full day to spend with my family before I headed back up to Chester.

My oh my was the coach journey a kerfuffle! We had a toilet door issue, an unidentified baggage scare and there were some irritating young teens who talked non-stop, but overall I rather enjoyed my trip. I definitely prefer coach travel, even with its excitement. I did end up getting back later than expected however as soon as I arrived, I decorated my entire room. My little Christmas tree has been covered in sparkles and ornaments, tinsel's been draped all over the place and fairy lights are lighting up my life. It was at that point that I fell asleep! 

Sourced from:
Today has just been a quiet day, I had an interview with a head teacher to arrange some work experience at a local school but as soon as that was out of the way, I went straight back to bed. Lazyyyy!

I shall catch up with you again tomorrow!

Love you all!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Worn out and it's only just begun! Blogmas 2015 - Day 5

Hello my lovelies!

I didn't post yesterday as I was sooo tired after the full day at my postgraduate interview. It was such a long day and I barely ate anything so by the end of it I was ready for food and then bed. I must say, it was a rather enjoyable day and nicely spaced out so nothing felt rushed. I think it went rather well and I found out a few bits and pieces that I didn't know so all in all it was a positive experience. Now all I need to do is wait and find out how I got on!

Today, due to the hectic day yesterday, has been incredibly chilled out. I did a bit of dissertation work down at the records office this morning which was nice an productive. I always enjoy going down to the records office, it's so peaceful and the staff are all so lovely that it makes it such a pleasant experience. I think it helps that my mother came to help me out with the data collection as well. 

 The majority of this afternoon was spent at a garden centre. This is the only time of year where I find that I can tolerate such places because of the Christmas displays! And boy oh boy was I in for a treat! There were so many fairy lights - I actually ended up picking up three packs for my room at uni - and then all the tree decoration displays were stunning. My favourite decorations are always the traditional Victorian style or the pastels. I personally decorate my miniature tree with pastel pinks and purples (because I'm just such a girly girl that I cannot resist!) while my mother prefers the bright pinks, purples, blues and greens to match our obnoxiously loud lounge decor. I'm so happy with my new fairy lights though, I've been looking for snowflake lights for such a long time and finally came across them today! 

This evening was spent decorating the house with my father. It was so lovely as I haven't been at home when the decorations have gone up for a few years so to be there to help out made me feel like a child again. I got to decorate the trees whilst my dad focused on the window displays and the lights. We like to go all out at Christmas which is rather unusual in the UK these days, People still have their trees and might have a few lights but not many will decorate several rooms, put outdoor lights and displays or window displays up which I find rather depressing. Christmas is the best time of the year after all! It's when everyone is full of Christmas cheer and families are reunited. 

I'm heading back to Chester tomorrow so have a long coach journey to look forward to once again. I don't get back until late so don't be surprised if I miss another day! 

Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to this week and what you do to decorate and celebrate!

Love you all!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Throwback! Blogmas 2015 - Day 3

Hello my lovelies!

It's been a rather hectic day today but I am in such a holly jolly mood! The day began bright and early and if you know me, you know that I am so not a morning person. I was wide awake pretty quickly though as I clocked what day it is... Interview day! Yes, the day has finally arrived. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, that's for sure. It was so surreal to be back somewhere I know so well interviewing for a place on a postgraduate course. There were people I remember from my childhood still working there and everything looked incredibly similar. 

Can you see meeee?
The interview day itself was rather fun. I got to do a storybook activity with Year 2 children which was absolutely adorable and it went incredibly well. I also got to talk about myself for a good 15 minutes in a presentation, do you realise how difficult that is? I can talk for England but if I have to talk about myself, I really struggle! I felt so self conscious and absolutely uncomfortable but it definitely didn't come across in my performance. I seem to be very good at hiding my nerves when it comes to public speaking. I think it might be because I plan it out a lot. I practically write a script. I don't necessarily follow it as a script but I do like to have a list of points in front of me so I don't lose track. I think that went pretty well because I kept it lighthearted but formal and even got a few laughs from the interviewers (always a positive sign!). 

The interview part of the day was definitely the hardest, I had no idea what i would be asked, and they had some pretty tough questions! Fortunately, I'm quite good at talking around something until I can come up with a good enough straight answer and I was able to answer the majority of the questions with complete confidence. I stuck to my guns throughout the day and made sure that everything I said was consistent because it's never good to look like you don't know what you're doing. I got to ask a few questions at the end of the interview and they seemed pretty impressed with what I had to ask about so that made me smile! The entire day only ran from about 9am-12pm but it felt like so much longer.

My dad picked me up which was nice, I like driving around with my dad, I can be totally silly and he'll be silly with me. I got a little Christmas crazy in Tesco, all the Christmas food and decorations just gets me so excited! I'm always so thankful to receive an advent calendar each year, the build up to Christmas just makes it all the more exciting. Anything even remotely Christmassy at this time of year just sends me on a festive spiral haha! I was also lucky enough to fit in a visit to my grandparents. I don't get to see them very often because I'm rarely at home so it was really nice to have a little catch up with them. (Hi grandma and grandpa! I know you're probably reading this!) 

Anywho, I'm off to rest up for the night and get some sleep because I've got another long day of interview things tomorrow. Yep, I got through to round two! Squeeeee!

Love you all!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Homeward Bound! Blogmas 2015 - Day 2

Hello my lovelies,

Today has been a long day but it has been rather lovely. I finally got to have a little trip home so spent all morning on coaches travelling from Chester to Leicester. I've always preferred coach travel to train travel, I don't know why because I often feel incredibly ill on coaches. I think it's because I can just sit back and relax without having to worry about missing my stops. This morning's journey was rather wonderful though, I got to watch the sunrise and see how beautiful the winter countryside looks. It was the best way to start the day.

 My mother met me off the coach and right away we headed to Costa to meet up with my father for coffee. I can't stand coffee, but I am a fan of hot chocolate and mulled fruit so I love the Christmas menu this year. I had a delicious white hot chocolate with cream and cherry sauce but completely forgot to take a photo as I was busy catching up with my parents. It's always when I return home that I realise how much I miss my family while I am away. I've lived away from home for 5 years now, and have only really been home for Christmas, Easter and the start and end of summer since starting University. I think it's because of this that I'm choosing to head back home for my postgraduate study. I knew I didn't want to stay in Chester but I didn't want to go somewhere completely new. 

I've spent the majority of this afternoon prepping for tomorrow's interview however I did help my father get the tree and some decorations out of the attic ready for Christmas! Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year because I get to see everyone I love and have an old school good time with board games and chatting. I absolutely adore it! So much so that I spent all of last weekend and quite a bit of today with SmoothXmas playing while I worked away. 24 hour Christmas music? Yes please! Even when it isn't Christmas, I like to put up fairy lights and cute decorations just to add a bit of that Christmas magic.

A photo posted by Tamsin Rebecca (@tammybecks) on

I'm going to spend the rest of my evening curled up on the sofa watching crime TV, I hope you're enjoying your December so far and that this kind of blogging is something you are all enjoying! I'll try to get the missing posts up ASAP! 

Love you all!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Happy Blogmas 2015! - Day 1

Hello my lovelies!

I think I've finally managed to get blogger working for me again so all the posts from the last few weeks will be going up in a block at some point this month however I've got a whole lot going on this December so I think I'm going to be treating this as a bit of a journal/diary kind of thing for Blogmas as well! Feel free to join me on a little journey through my life this month...

1st December 2015

Well today has been crazy. I had lectures as usual as it is a Tuesday, but I have so many big things coming up soon that it was incredibly hard to concentrate on what anybody was saying. These next couple of months are a huge turning point in my life and I am terrified it's all going to go topsy-turvy. I have interviews for postgraduate opportunities and I will be telling you all about them as they happen so you'll be joining me on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster this month! 

I've been doing a lot of foodie things lately but I decided I'd keep things simple with a chicken hotpot microwave meal today. Oh the glamour of student life! I am determined to use a lot more fresh foods this month though, I feel like I rely way too much on frozen things or really unhealthy foods. Yesterday I attended the Food Fest at Chester Uni and stocked up on some delicious locally produced foods. There was fresh fruit and veg and some delicious sausages. Fresh coffee beans, cupcakes, tea, jam, chutney... so much deliciousness! I treated myself to some clementines, apples, sausages and a cupcake - come on, every girl deserves a little treat when she's stressed! - so I'll be using them all over the next week or so! 

I'm so nervous for this week, I have my interview for a schools direct program and then a selection day and it's absolutely terrifying! All I've ever wanted to do is teach so I'm putting in everything I have and more to try and make my dreams come true. I think that having a goal is always good, it keeps you motivated and allows you to explore your limits. I have a whole lot of preparation still to do, even though I feel like I've done a lot already! I think I'm also going to squeeze in a little workout before I go to sleep, I've been doing a lot of home workouts lately as I think exercise is such a good stress relief. Then again, so is magazine reading!

I get to go home tomorrow so I'm super excited to see my family but for now I really ought to do some work on my interview bits and pieces so I shall see you all tomorrow for another daily chat!

Love you all!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Change is good

**WARNING: This is a rather ramble-y post**

Hello my lovelies!

It's been a while! But now I'm back and I have lots to tell you. Keep an eye out for lots of new posts over the next few weeks telling you all about my summer and my future plans... but first let's focus on the here and now. This year has been super tough, I don't know why but I've found everything very challenging. I've had to make a lot of hard decisions and there's been many ups and downs. However, changes and choices have me in a great place and I'm feeling very positive about the year ahead. 

If you read this earlier post, you will know that I was looking for a flat for myself. This is not what I've ended up with at all! I looked at several lovely places and did eventually settle upon a flat that came with a job, but after being messed about a lot by the company I decided to drop the job and therefore lost the flat. In a last minute scramble I have managed to secure a room in my best friends shared student house. It's not ideal, and it's certainly not what I wanted, however I think things are going to be okay. The house is lovely and I know a couple of people living there already so it should all be rather pleasant. Choosing to give up the job I had been offered was so difficult for me, many of you may not know this about me but my financial situation isn't the best. I, like many students, rely solely on my student loan and whatever savings I have. I have no overdraft which means I have to be twice as careful about my spending but I've got myself in a really good position after saving loads of my summer earnings and hopefully I'll be able to get a job during my final year in Chester. 

My grades at the end of last year left me feeling a little deflated, I know I could have done a lot better. However, rather than panicking and worrying about how to pull my grade up, I've decided to take a new approach to my learning. I have three days a week where I need to be in lectures and I shall dedicate at least 3 hours of every day each week towards further reading and study. I've been training myself to be twice as organised and I plan to follow a strict routine in order to help my brain function more efficiently. A lot of my choices regarding uni this year relate to a change in attitude and organisation. I am determined to do better than ever. 

Enough of the blahhhh though, let's focus on the happy things. I have had the best summer with some wonderful people and although I still have lots of difficult decisions to make over the next few months, I have such a great support network of friends and family that I know things are going to be okay. Mentally, I'm very stable and although I'm still having some anxiety episodes, they are no where near at the same level as they were during my first few months of university. I'm really happy with my progress and I'm learning so much about myself with each new day. 

I'm so thankful for all of you. You guys are such wonderful people and you fill me with such happiness. Every time I receive a kind email or a tweet from one of you, it reminds me that I'm not alone in the world and so many of us go through the same things in life. YOU give me hope and that's the best gift anyone could ever give. 

If you are ever having a tough time, feel free to get in touch, all of my contact details are here and you can tweet me directly @tammybecks. If you'd like to share some kind words and positivity with complete strangers, let's use #loveliesspreadthelove whether it's Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I'll be keeping an eye out for all of you! 

I love you all very much. 

Thank you for sticking with me! 

See you again soon...


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Freshers: Making the Choice - Be Part of It

Hello my lovelies! 

I think it's about time I did another university post. I know a lot of you guys are roughly university age (18-25) and I get a lot of questions about how I knew Chester was the uni for me so this post is going to be a bit of a tips and tricks for picking your university. Also, I'm going to tell you all about a great campaign being led by St Mary's University in Twickenham which might help you out. Choosing your university can be such a difficult thing and can be incredibly daunting, many students feel like they are pushed or rushed in to choosing, but you shouldn't have to feel that way.

Image source:
I think a very important factor when you're choosing your university is knowing what it is you're getting yourself in to. Not only knowing what the course is like, but what it's like to live and study at the university as a student. It is so important that you go and visit any university that you're thinking of going to, especially if you've already applied and are choosing your offers. St Mary's campaign 'Be part of it' encourages you to think about what factors are important to you when choosing a university. Whether it's the campus, the facilities, the location, the course or the atmosphere, you need to know it all. 

For me, the course was more important than the campus, but i still wanted to be somewhere I felt at ease. I was very focused on finding a university that felt right and offered the right support for the students and I asked pretty much every student I saw and knew the same question - 'what's it really like at uni?'

This video by St Mary's students shows you some of the things current students find important and gives you a great idea of what you should be thinking about when picking where to go. It picks up on factors that some students feel are hugely important, and others that you may not have thought about. They have a series of great videos which can be found on their website that look at some things in greater detail but this highlight video is a good starting point.

Not only do the videos encourage you to think about what you want from your uni, but they also encourage you to get involved in as much as you can once you've made your choice. They are the best years of your life and you should live them to the max. I'm a huge fan of this approach to choosing your university and I encourage you to go and check out everything on the site, even if you don't want to go to St Mary's because it's all useful stuff!

****I know it may seem to you that this post is pushing St Mary's University however, remember that I go to the University of Chester and looked at a series of universities when applying. I'm going through a similar process of choice for my post-grad studies now so this is truly all about the idea of their campaign rather than encouraging you to choose them.****

I found that applicant days and open days really helped me to make my choice. Universities will often have student ambassadors dotted about campus or students showing their accommodation and they are usually happy to honestly answer any questions that you might have. Don't be afraid to speak to students at these days, they will not be afraid to say what they truly think and will be able to give you a much more honest view of the university than any of the staff.

If you're currently in the process of choosing your university, all your key dates and information is on UCAS and I really do encourage you to check out every little detail on there as I found it to be such an incredible help when I applied. Also, if you have any worries about your application just give them a call (Undergraduate applications +44 330 3330 230) or even tweet them (@UCAS_online) they're super helpful. You can also call or email any of the universities you're thinking of with your questions and there should be someone who can help you.

St Mary's can be found at:

I really do encourage you to make the most of the time you have at university and make sure that where you pick is where you really want to be. if you ever have questions, I'm always open to answer, all of my social media links are in the sidebar or you can find them here

I love you all!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, all views are that of myself and not of the brands, affiliates or companies with which this is associated.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Beatons Chester - Totally TasTEA

Hello my Lovelies! 

With blogging comes many wonderful opportunities to attend events, store opening and parties. I was recently invited to the brand new Beatons Tearooms in Chester (they've only just opened!) to a Bloggers High Tea and I thought this would be a lovely opportunity to share their deliciousness with you all. 

The location of the tearooms is simply stunning as it is right next to the bell tower with a view of the cathedral. It really is a beautiful spot, particularly in the sunshine, and I was so lucky that it was a beautifully sunny day when I went. I found it to be in a potentially brilliant spot as the bell ringers, tourists and daily shoppers will be able to find it with absolute ease. 

First impressions upon walking in to the tearooms had me smiling with delight. The decor is simply fabulous and consists of all my favourite colours; bright pink, white and black. My favourite part of the decor is quite possibly the chandeliers, which I have been told were put up by the staff themselves. They're simply stunning. Steve and his team have really done a great job. Another super adorable element to Beatons is that they're not just tearooms but also a bookshop, selling books written by local authors. There were really adorable areas of comfortable chairs around small tables where I could picture myself drinking tea and reading one of the house copies of a book.

Speaking of books, the whole reason I ended up at this event is due to being contacted by the wonderful Liz Jones, house poet. She and her beau treated us to readings of poetry from her very own book which contains poems all about tea. She also wrote the house poem for the Chester tearooms which is pictured below.

The menu is full of tasty treats however the most important part of the menu is quite possibly the huge selection of teas. From Red to Black, Herbal to White, even Oolong! There are so many to choose from however I had a taste of the specially created Dong Ding Oolong Tea which is a specialty for the Chester tearooms. I must admit, I'm always rather dubious about trying new teas however this one is especially delicious and I would highly recommend giving it a taste if you visit.

The high tea came with a huge selection of sandwiches and cakes, we were truly pampered! I must say, the sandwiches did not have my favourite fillings however I gave them a try and they were rather delicious. The choice of fillings included; cucumber, smoked salmon & cream cheese, ham & tomato relish and prawn mayonnaise. Surprisingly, my favourite option was the prawn mayonnaise and I'm really not a fan of prawns. I think it helped that the sandwiches were bite-sized so they did not overwhelm my taste-buds. 

The scones were absolutely delightful! I always love scones when they're freshly baked and, fortunately for Beatons customers, everything is made freshly in store. The scones we received were still warm and super fluffy, a quality I always desire when it comes down to scones. I usually prefer my scones with butter however they were not served with it, fortunately they were light enough not to need any. My favourite part of the high tea though, was definitely the cakes. The signature carrot cake is well worth a try and I don't think I've ever tasted such a sweet Victoria sponge. That said, my favourite cake was certainly the chocolate cake, super chocolaty and incredibly tasty I was very close to asking for a slice to myself!

If you are ever in Chester I would definitely recommend that you pop in and try the menu for yourself, you certainly will not be disappointed. If you like it just as much as I do, there's also the option for a loyalty card so that you may earn stamps.

Let me know if you get the chance to visit and do share you experiences. You can find Beatons on Twitter here or at their website and all of my own links are listed here. A huge thank you to Liz for the invitation to Beatons, I'll be back again soon!

Love you all!


Friday, 10 April 2015

Springtime Photo Post!

Hello my lovelies!

It's been a lovely sunshine filled Easter week across most of the UK and I took the opportunity to make the most of the sunny weather. My Easter weekend was spent in Yorkshire with lots of sunshine, family and food and it was all very lovely, I even had the time to take a few pictures so I thought I'd share those with you today. My mother and I also took a little walk around Brocks Hill Country Park this week and I snapped a few pictures for you all as it was just so beautiful in the sunshine.

Easter Week 2015

Brocks Hill Country Park

What did you get up to this Easter? Let me know in the comments or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook! If you'd like to get in touch any other way, all of my links are listed here

Love you all!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Getting Experimental - Springtime Hairstyles

Hello my lovelies!

I've recently been a little bit in love with my hair as it's beginning to reach a lovely length after many many years of growing it out. Because of this, I've started getting a little more experimental with how I style my hair and different ways of wearing it. I also dyed it ginger just before Christmas which is quite a change from the usual dark blonde/light brown mix and it's left me feeling a whole lot more confident which is awesome! Admittedly, some of these images do show horrendous roots as I was tempted to grow the colour out at one point however do not worry, the colour has been renewed and all is right in the world once again.

All of the following images have been sourced from my Instagram or personal selfie collections.

I thought I'd share a few cute styles that I've recently loved which I think would look adorable in the Spring time. 

To start with, this is my natural hair, it's a little frizzy and hard to tame at times and I'm currently in the stages of growing out my fringe however this hasn't stopped me experimenting with some super cute hairstyles that I've never dared to attempt before.

This milkmaid braid up-do took me about 5 minutes to do and is super simple. All it takes it hair that's long enough to secure on the top of your head when plaited. I split my hair in to two loose plaits that I tugged at to make them a little wider, before securing them where I'd place a clear hair bobble and used a few extra pins to help tuck away the ends. Once secured I pulled the plaits a little to make them look thicker. The lovely thing about this one is that you can weave ribbon in to the plaits or pop some flowers along them to make it super girly.

An incredibly simple style, this involves very little work. To achieve this look I curled my hair before brushing through the curls with a flat brush then rolled back the front section of hair and secured it with two pins cross locked. This one's great for when you need a day-to-night look. 

I absolutely love this style, it's really easy and looks really cute. For this look, I took a side parting and dutch plaited the hair along the hairline on both sides and secured each plait with a hair band. Then I took the rest of my hair up in to a messy bun secured just below the crown before pinning the two plaits at the base of my head to form a continuous ring.I wear this as more of a casual look however it can be made to look rather glam if a little more time and effort goes in to play and you secure it with a neat bun at the nape of the neck as shown below.

Sleek and smooth and perfect for a fancy evening! I've added a silk scrunchie to the bun however you could also use a bow, or simply pin the hair in to place. You could also add flowers or ribbon to the plait as in the milkmaid plaits.

This last hairstyle is an oldie but goldie and very childish however I love popping my hair in to double Dutch plaits when I've got tons of housework to do. Just to point out the difference, Dutch plaits take the hair underneath to produce a more stand-out 3D effect whereas French plaits take the hair over the top.

Which is your favourite? Are there any hairstyles you've been trying out that you love? Let me know in the comments below OR get in touch through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! All of my other social links can be found here.

Love you all!


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Freshers: University is Hard! Part 2 - The Honest Truth

Hello my lovelies!

University really is hard. So many students will suffer with mental problems, money worries, homesickness or health issues and it can be incredibly daunting knowing that when you head off on this new adventure, you may be susceptible to suffering. I'm not one to have missed out on some of these problems but I'm here to tell you that although it's difficult, it's not all that bad. 

Since starting at University over a year ago, I've been through some really tough health problems both physical and mental. I've experienced struggles with anxiety, something that's never really bothered me to an extreme before. I've been ill a countless number of times with tonsillitis, the flu, colds, hay-fever, stomach bugs, brand new allergies and lactose intolerance. I've found myself living on £5 maximum some weeks, and I've missed home so much that it's hurt. But I've refused to give up because there's always a way to get out of the mess.

My anxiety isn't specified to one certain situation, it's a very general problem that has been increasingly worse in some situations and vastly better in others. I no longer feel panicky before assessments are due or before interviews but I really struggle to spend a lengthy amount of time in a nightclub or busy bar if I'm sober. Did you know that 92% of students admit to having suffered with mental distress at university with 20% of students considering themselves as having a mental illness of concern. These issues include but are not limited to: depression, anxiety, bulimia and anorexia. 

HOWEVER, there are many support systems in place for students. You should go along to your SU, student welfare team or your local GP if you ever feel like you're suffering, they are there to help you and they won't judge you. There are also many useful websites if you hop on to Google. I will leave a list of links at the end of this post.

Budgeting is really difficult. As a student you get given this huge bundle of money each term and you go out and celebrate by spending a ridiculous amount of it. If you are homesick you may travel home more often, which can often be a costly trip. If you are on medication and you forget to fill in the relevant paperwork it can cut a huge chuck of money from your account. Oh and of course, there's the rent, bills, Netflix and societies to pay for! It can sometimes be really hard to control your spending habits, especially when there's new clothes on the high street or a really cool new game released on steam. 

BUT, again, there are support systems in place. Your university will have a great financial aid and student welfare team who can help you to plan out a weekly budget and offer some great advice. If you're ever in a huge pickle, most universities also have an emergency funding scheme in place where they will give you a loan of a certain amount that you can pay back whenever you are able. If you don't want to go through the university, there's also online help available and there are always student loan companies out there as a last resort.

Homesickness is another huge problem at university. Many student head off to uni thinking that they won't miss the constant nagging but there are so many things that we can take for-granted. University is total independence, we pay the bills, we do our laundry, we feed ourselves. We are in charge of our own lives and it can be so great! To begin with. Then we realise that we can't get our sheets as soft as they are back home, our spaghetti bolognese doesn't taste quite the same and bills are SO annoyingly expensive sometimes! 

DO NOT FEAR! Your friends at university are like a second family and they will support you, but if you need that extra help then there are often certain people who you can go and talk to. At the University of Chester, if you're living in University owned accommodation there are Hall Wardens and Residential Tutors who you can talk to and I'm sure there are similar schemes in place at other universities too. They'll often sit down with you, make you a cup of tea and offer you some cake or biscuits. There's also the option of going to see you SU team who always tend to have a free seat on the sofa for a chat. Failing that you've got student welfare who may be able to offer you a telephone to call home. My best cure is Skype, you can interact with your family and it feels like they're with you. Plus there's always the option of taking a trip home or having the family come up and visit. 

If you're struggling with something at university, you don't need to suffer alone. In fact, most of the people you see around you are probably going through the same thing. Be brave and take the action to get some help and please do talk to people. If you ever need a stranger to chat with, my email is always open! -

If you've got any tips to share, please leave them in the comments below or you can send them to me using any of the links listed here

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