Wednesday, 26 March 2014

(Not-so-)Weekly Favourites

Hello my lovelies!

It's a time of peace again! I finally have a chance to share with you just what I'm loving this week/month: reviews, recommendations and whatnot all included ^_^

Shot glasses. However, not used in the conventional way but rather a student savvy way. I discovered one meal time that I had no room on my plate for a puddle of ketchup and craved for a pot to put the sauce in when I suddenly spied my little collection of colourful shot glasses which I had picked up at Tesco's before heading to uni. Little did I know just how perfect they would also be as sauce pots! A cute and trendy way to have your meal, that's for sure.
I've jumped on the bandwagon recently and got myself an Instagram account and boy-oh-boy do I love it! Whether I'm posting selfies or random snaps I can't get enough of it. You can find the Instagram app on most phones these days for entirely no cost so get downloading and follow me for randomness by searching for tammybecks.
I am love love LOVING bath time at the moment and what better way to bathe than in complete luxury? The Soap&Glory Calm One, Calm All Bubble Bath is the original pink scent which isn't overpowering but rather relaxing and sweet and paired with the Clean on Me Shower Crème it's pure pleasure. The bubble bath is super bubbly (and the bubbles last FOREVER) plus it's like bathing in a pool of silk. Fortunately, it's not too expensive and you can find Soap&Glory bits and pieces in Boots so it's super easy to find in the UK. I have also been loving Lush bath bombs at the moment however simply cannot choose one favourite so I suggest you go along to your local Lush store and choose a scent for yourself.
Railcards are complete lifesavers. I recently renewed my 16-25 Railcard as I took a trip from Chester to York which can be rather expensive but with the 30% off that this railcard gives you it makes life a lot easier - especially as a student with a very tight budget. If you don't have a railcard and find that you use the trains on a regular basis the 16-25 costs around £28 for one year or £70 for 3 however you can get a discount if you have an NUS card OR if you get a Santander student account you get one free!

I do have a very large amount of other exciting loves to share with you however I'm going to put them all in the next post (that way I'll actually have 2 weeks consecutively! .. Maybe) so do come back soon to find out more! 

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Love you all!

T xxx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Guess who's on YouTube!

Hello my lovelies! 

Yep, as you may have guessed by the title, I'm now officially on YouTube! It took a whole afternoon of filming with the lovely Meg but my first video is now up and there for your pleasure. It may not be perfect but it's not terrible for a first attempt.

The lighting isn't perfect and I had to edit with Movie Maker because my software decided to crash and the YouTube editor doesn't like my files... but it's finalised and I'm proud of it.

So here it is... Enjoy! 

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Love you all!

T xxx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hello there Mr Sunshine!

Hello my lovelies! 

So I know that Britain doesn't exactly have the best weather.. but lately it's been so lovely and bright outside that anyone would think it's Summer! All this sunshine has got me in a jolly good mood and I'm once more full of energy and motivation. 

Over the Winter months and during cold and dreary weather, if you're anything like me you lose all energy and have little to no effort to do anything. Everything becomes a chore and you just want to vegetate in front of the tv, drinking wine and eating chocolate (and boy oh boy is that the life!) but you do realise that it's not exactly the healthiest way to live so every now and then you'll do something a little active but nothing too out there...
Then comes the sun and suddenly everything is wonderful! I'm fully motivated to be more active, post for you guys, job hunting is much more consistent and work is piling up and getting done rather efficiently. Not only that but rather than spending time sleeping all day (which I do rather love), it's time to get moving and grooving. The gym is back on the scene in a regular manner, yoga becomes a fun time activity and food? Well, it's still not completely healthy, but at least I'm making more of an effort! 

Sure I may not be going out partying as much, but I am spending more time with my gal pals while sober and I'm getting to see more of Chester (as you may have guessed from the picnic post) which is lovely. 

I know this was a rather random post, but I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of these cropping up in the near future...

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Keep an eye out for guest posts in the near future and get in touch if you'd like to feature, aaaand keep an eye out for a few changes around here some time soon as my blog will soon be having a makeover (squeee I'm so excited!), so be prepared!

I love each and every single one of you!

T xxx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Instagram Weekly!

Hello my lovelies! 

So it's time for something new, that new thing being... a weekly round-up of my Instagram uploads!

So last week there was very little food featured for a change and rather a lot of selfies but each shall be explained! For a better look at any of the pictures, have a look for tammybecks on Instagram.

Top row:
1. So this is a notepad given to me for Christmas which I have recently started using rather regularly for really neat notes. It's got such lovely paper and the cutest cover and I'm using it mostly for Youtube and Blog post plans. 
2. White hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and cocoa powder... yummy... need I say more?
3. Weekly orchestra shot! This week featuring my baby (Matilda the Clarinet) and some of the sheet music from rehearsal.
4. Selfie with sunshine! I found a lovely little spot at Meg's window on Sunday morning which, with the sun blazing directly at it, gave lovely lighting for a cheeky snapshot.
5. Morning selfie. Yep, 1.15pm and we'd just woken up. I was still wearing clothes from the night before as I crashed at Meg's.

Middle Row:
1. Late night selfie! I opened the camera accidentally and realised it looked like I had a bob which had me the debating with myself as to whether I should get a bob or not which then led to me uploading a shot asking what people thought. 
2. OOTD - It's the best angle I can get with no full length mirror in my room I'm afraid. 
Dress-Primark, bolero cardigan-vintage, black tights-Primark
3. Another selfie! I had straight hair and make up on.. that always means there's a selfie moment.
4&5. I went out and treated myself to company magazine which had the lovely +Zoella as covergirl and featured article. It was certainly the perfect accompaniment to some pamper time.

Bottom Row:
1. Hair up selfie... Yeah.. I'm a selfie addict... But I had a scrunchie that matched my shirt so I was all excited!
2. Ted and I couldn't sleep. Need I say more?
4. Notifying people of a blog post in progress! Yep, it's a (not-so-)weekly favourites and it's coming up very soon.
5. Really? Another selfie? I think I need help...

So that's this week's round-up of my daily life and I think we can all agree I can be rather vain given the opportunity (even I can admit to that), but I can assure you that next week will have less me and more life. Promise! 

Feel free to comment or email me with your blog link, insta name or anything else you'd like to share with everyone and I'll be sure to check it out!

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Love you all!

T xxx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Picnic and pictures

Hello my lovelies!

This past weekend my lovely li'l chummy Megan asked me to join her for a picnic by the river and me being a full-time food lover of course agreed to such a delightful trip. The weather wasn't perfect but it was bearable for us to grab a bench and a bite and have a good old natter.

I should probably tell you a little bit about who Meg is... I met this delightful lady through orchestral society and later discovered that she happened to be on the English Language part of my course which of course led to us having an awful lot in common and spending an awful lot of time together. She and I are very similar in many ways yet very different in many others and I think that's what helps us to get along so wonderfully. I'm sure that in the weeks, months and years to come I'll be telling you an awful lot more about her but I think that's all you need to know for now. 

Anywho, back to the picnic! I decided to take my basket (which is a bike basket that can be detached and carried) to put food and goodies in for our little trip and away we went. Now, having never actually been to the riverside in Chester before, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but even with the cloud cover it was beautiful. Thankfully I had remembered to pick up my camera and some of the shots I managed to grab are rather gorgeous! So, I decided to put a bunch of them below (some of which feature the lovely Meg) so you can all share in the beauty of Chester.

I hope you've enjoyed the snaps and do pop back again soon as I have lots of lovely content coming your way!

Please leave a comment telling me all about your favourite place, also feel free to leave a link to your own blog and I'll check it out! Don't forget to follow me on google+ or bloglovin for an automatic update when I post new content.

Love you all!

T xxx

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Lip Colour Bold Matte - 815 Fire Coral

Hello my Lovelies!

Yes it's something else a little different! Now, I'm no beauty blogger or fashionista but I will be dropping short and quick product reviews once in a while just to mix things up.

This post is dedicated to the Bold Matte Lip Colour in Fire Coral by Mabelline, a gorgeous firey orange lip stain that is perfect for late spring/summer. Being incredibly bright it suits many skin tones though is clearer on fairer skin.

The product itself is compact and is the perfect size for any handbag or purse so is really rather handy on a night out. I really like that it has 2 parts, the actual colour stain and the protective balm. The stain dries beautifully and is definitely matte in appearance however I must admit that I found my lips sticking together while the colour dried. Once the balm is on over the top though, the sticking stops altogether. 

My main issue with this is that when my lips are dry, it simply crumbles off so it's a pain to wear on a colder day. 

Find this product and others like it in Superdrug, where it's affordable and easy to find.

SO. Ratings!

Colour: 9/10 - I love its vividness
Appearance: 7/10 - It looks gorgeous but when crumbles is off-putting
Texture: 7/10 - Again, nice and smooth and is perfectly matte as long as the lips aren't dry.
Overall: 8/10 - Great product for nights out and summer wear

Love you all! 

T xxx