Thursday, 27 November 2014

Growing up - Somewhere new to live

Hello my lovelies!

SO I'm now well in to my second year of university here at the University of Chester and it's been a wonderful experience so far. I'm way on top of most of my work, I've found the friends I want to keep and my new housemates are sweethearts. Most of the time anyway. However I've also discovered more about myself. I now know that I do get stressed easily and I'm not as social friendly as I was last year. I have a lot more responsibility to myself and to others and I think I've taken to it rather well. I've also decided that I'm ready to have my own place. 

I know what you're thinking - 'You've got your own place, you pay rent on a house!' - but I don't feel like it's my home. I want somewhere that I can take care of and really make my own, somewhere friends can visit but also where I can be away from the world. A real place to call my own. I'm planning to become a big girl and find a flat to rent next year. A one bedroom flat or a studio flat. All by myself! If I could afford it and felt I wanted to settle in Chester I would probably consider buying an apartment, but alas I cannot and do not. 

It's a little bit scary, but I think I'm ready. I know that I definitely don't want to be a hall warden in my third year as I struggle dealing with the freshers and the noise this year, and that's without needing to do a dissertation. I also don't want to be stuck in another house full of strangers where there's bound to be drama or little friendship cliques. I definitely don't want to be somewhere that requires me to share a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with more than 2 other people - I have a bit of a thing about hygiene when it comes to sharing such facilities. 

I do feel like this is a big leap in to the bounds of adulthood, but it's going to happen some day so I say 'why not sooner rather than later?'. It's time to get the Bridget Jones pants out, pull my socks up and grow up. 

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Love you all!

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