Sunday, 1 March 2015

Adorable & Affordable!

Hello my lovelies! 

The wonderful Body Jewellery Shop recently gifted me with some beautiful earrings. They have the most incredible selection of some interesting jewellery for ear piercings and much more available for viewing online. In this post I thought I'd review and style the pairs that they so kindly sent me.

This is the first of the two pairs. A beautiful clear jewel square shaped earring, this is simple yet incredibly stunning when matched with almost any outfit. In this picture I decided to match the earrings with my silver necklace and red lips. Costing only £1.99, they're an absolute bargain and I absolutely adore them! 

On a recent trip to London (which you'll be hearing all about rather soon!), I paired the earrings with this super cute dress that I picked up in Tesco. This is the second adorable dress that I've had from Tesco in recent months and I must applaud the designers of the F&F line for this season as they've been the only dresses I've found that fit nicely and flare out in all the right places.

The second pair they sent (which was a complete surprise! Thanks Body Jewellery Shop!) was a sweet pair of girly earrings full of pink sparkle. I've yet to put these with a complete outfit or makeup look however I do think they look really sweet and again, they only cost £1.99! 

If you'd like to get these for yourselves, the products are linked here and here.

I definitely advise that if you're on the lookout for cheap yet good quality jewellery for ear piercings, that you head over to the Body Jewellery Shop website via the links posted throughout.

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Love you all!


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