Monday, 20 January 2014

Freshers: Fresher's Week - Day Time

Hello my lovelies!

I know, I know.. "Tamsin! It's been over 2 weeks, nearly 3! YOU OWE FORFEITS!" and yes, I will be doing them for you all to be amused by soon enough but I do have a valid excuse. I have only just got my laptop back and although I tried, using the iPad to do blog posts is really rather difficult. OH-OH-OH! Also, you may have noticed the brand new template which was a rather lovely choice made by a good friend of mine, still not sure if it's quite me though, if you like it please let me know.. or even if you hate it let me know! Anywho, moving on to the actual point of this post...

In my last Fresher's post we'd got up to you moving in to your new place. Now it's time to get in to the stuff you reaaally want to know, however there's just so much to tell you! So, just to make my life a little easier and this post less confusing I have decided to split the information in to what goes on in the day and at night. Both are equally important but I'll start with the daytime events and things you ought not to miss.

During freshers week there is simply so much stuff going on that it can be hard keeping track of where you're supposed to be or what you're supposed to be doing! It is so so SO important that you don't forget to go and register your arrival, this is the only way you will find out exactly what's going on throughout the week and allows student finance to know you can have your money. It is also important that you register with your local GP and dentist, many students don't think this is necessary but you'll soon change your mind when you get the freshers flu (yes that is a real thing!) so please don't brush the registrations off. Most universities will use freshers week to give you either introductory days or introductory lectures so that you can meet the people on your course and get a little more accustomed to what exactly you'll be learning about. 

Fortunately it's not all about your course this week though! There are also many opportunities to figure out the social life at your uni and to make new friends and try new things. No matter where you go, there will be a freshers fair during freshers week where you will be able to find out all about local businesses, volunteering opportunities, get loads of freebies and learn more about the societies you could get involved with. Some universities like to have a separate sports and societies fair but both are fairly similar often with loads of free stuff including pizza, drinks, restaurant menus and gym membership trials so they're not to be missed.

If there's one thing you must do during freshers week, it's to go to that fair where all the societies are and sign up to something. You will get trials of anything you sign up for so it's not like you have to become a full time member. This is your chance to discover a new sport or activity you might love and there is absolutely no where else that you'll be able to try Quidditch (yup, most universities have a Quidditch team in the UK, YAY!), LARPing or join a group of people who also share your passion for stamp collecting. Plus, if there's not a society there that you think you'd like to join, you could always enquire about starting up a brand new one! 

There will be loads of points during the week when you will have time to yourself, when it comes to this then don't just sit around. Go and introduce yourself to the neighbours, get yourself accustomed with the local area and student bar, take yourself on a campus tour so you can vaguely figure out where everywhere is. The most important thing about freshers week is that it's there for you to settle in and make some new friends, so don't waste the week away. Your free hours could be spent deciding where you would all like to go on your night out or what you should have for dinner or even just chatting to one another and learning more about these strangers who will be your friends for the rest of the year (hopefully!) so choose what you do wisely. 

The next issue in this series will be discussing the nightly goings on of freshers week, get ready for some fun stories from my own personal experience! 

Love you all!

T xxx

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