Thursday, 2 January 2014

Winter hairstyle picks

Hello my lovelies! 

Here it is, the long awaited Winter hairstyle picks for 2013/2014! I apologise for the lighting in pretty much all of the pictures but you'll get the gist. Most of the styles are suited for hair that is shoulder length or longer however some can be done with shorter hair too. I have chosen to do my Winter hair post using all simple hairstyles that are easy to do and can be used day or night for formal or non-formal events. I don't usually do posts like this but there have been requests so hopefully it meets the standards of those who have asked for it.

So this is my hair as natural as it can possibly be after a few days wear. People often complain because once you have a full fringe, it can be hard to do too much with your hair, but I've found a few hairstyles that are perfect for use both day and night.
First off we have the side bun. Starting with a simple side ponytail and either wrapping the hair around or folding it under to create a messy, quick up-do. This one's nice when your hair's beginning to get a little unruly or greasy and you just can't be bothered to do too much with it. It also works for hair of most lengths however some people may need bobby pins to hold a few strands over.
Next up are a favourite of mine, pigtails! These can be worn either high or low but I prefer low as it looks a little classier and most definitely less childlike. It can be little tricky to get the bobbles level but at least the style can look great either messy or neat. These also look great either with or without a fringe which is a big plus!
Similar to the pigtails, double plaits can be very flattering if you have a rounder face as they frame your features nicely. Again, these can be tricky to make even (especially if like me your hair grows wonky), but they are quick and easy and suit hair that's shoulder length or longer.
The side plait is a cute one but only really works with either no fringe or a sweeping side fringe. This looks particularly nice on an evening when your hair has a slight kink from the day and looks slightly messy. 
Winter curls are my absolute favourite. Now, you may ask why they are 'Winter' curls, the simple answer? The curls are softer and there are more of them, plus they are high pinned rather than loose waves at the bottom of the hair.
Want something a little more simple? If you have a fringe try large, loose curls at the end of your hair pulled over to or pinned to one side. Alternatively, if you have a side fringe or no fringe, make the curls larger and wavier using all of your hair but again, have it swept or pinned to one side.

Love you all!

T xxx

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