Friday, 9 May 2014

Adventures in Oxfordshire

Hello my lovelies!

I recently took a trip to Oxfordshire to stay with my chummy Megan in the lovely little village of Kirtlington. If you'd like to check out some of Meg's writing, head on over here to read her guest post on this very blog! Now, I have never been to Oxford - at least, not that I remember - so I was super excited to be seeing such a well known town as well as the home county of my friend. It was a rather rash decision and arrangements for my visit were made less than a week before I went but boy am I glad I got to go!

It was absolutely lovely to spend time with one of my best friends outside of the University atmosphere. Upon arrival we took a little wander around Oxford, taking a peek in some of the shops and having a bit of a catch up. Something we do on a regular basis at Uni of course, but it's always nice to be somewhere different. We caught the bus from Oxford to Kirtlington which is the most beautiful little village I think I've ever seen! The bus ride was rather amusing as it was all windy country roads and barely any traffic but as we came to Kirtlington I found myself admiring the cute houses and set up of the village. Such adorableness! 

Anywho, most of my 3 day visit consisted of shopping as we visited Bicester Village and the centre of Bicester and I spent money on some new clothes (YAY!). We also spent a little bit of time in one of the local pubs on my first night - next time I'll have to remember there's no streetlights.. finding my way in the pitch black is a rather interesting experience! We took a little evening stroll to the park on the other (where we filmed my latest YouTube video!) and it was overall a really lovely trip to make; I'm so grateful to Meg and her family for letting me stay with them. 

Here's a few pictures from my trip, enjoy! 

Come back soon for more updates on my latest adventures and keep an eye out for some BRAND NEW series posts! 

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Love you all!


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