Thursday, 1 May 2014

Instagram Weekly!

Hello my lovelies! 

It's time for another update of snaps from my latest adventures, and let me tell you, this time there's been a lotta adventures! I'll be posting a little more information about my trips, but here's a selection of snaps uploaded to my Instagram account with a brief description.

1st Row
1. Video of the FineBros on TV that I got all excited about
2. My lovely chummy Meg in Cafe Nero, Oxford 
3. Milkshakes at an American Diner (I think it's called Dean's Diner?) in Bicester
4. Photo from the coach ride home from Oxford
5. Picture from the park in Kirtlington, where my chummy and I filmed a seasonal favourites video

2nd Row
1. Hot Chocolate and the little silver tray you get Pret, Bicester Village 
2. Shopping Spree! Splashed out on some new clothes at Bicester Village 
3. First item eaten from my Easter stash, Magnum Vanilla Chocolate Truffles. NOM
4. Most of the chocolate I got for Easter
5. Yeah... Harry Potter was on and I got all excited cause I'm a super huge HP fan

3rd Row
1. Costa with the family, and I actually had something with coffee in! I don't even like coffee!
2. One of my all time favourite pictures of Meg showing off her super awesome Beatles top
3. Shameless selfie... 
4. I will do an entire blog post about this so let's just say... I was successful in an audition I went to :)
5. Another shameless selfie, this time with a funny face. 

To see more of my snaps on Instagram, you can find me and follow me under the name tammybecks 

This is just the first of a few posts coming your way over the next few days so keep coming back and I hope you enjoyed! Click around the rest of the blog and be sure to check out Meg's guest post for more interesting and awesome content.

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Love you all!


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