Thursday, 21 November 2013

Greetings, let me tell you a little bit about me

Hello my lovelies! 

So, it's come to this, I've started a blog guys! That's right, not only am I on the Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook train, it's time to get in with the big guys. 

You may wonder why I've decided to start this up, or why I sound so odd.. Well, at the moment it's because I need that little something extra to help me through my days and I've still got to get used to writing for an audience as such. I thought it'd be nice to share my inner ramblings with the world

So, as the title says, this is your chance to find out just who I am and what I'm all about. So here goes... I'll keep it short and sweet

(*coughs* yeahh... I like to pull faces...)

1. What is my name? Tamsin Rebecca
2. How old am I? I'm the lovely age of 18
3. Where am I from? Leicester, UK 
4. Where do I study? The University of Chester
5. How tall am I? 5'2".. at a push.. My nickname's Hobbit cause all my friends are taller
6. What colour eyes do I have? Blue.. Green.. Grey.. Depends on the light
7. And my hair? It's a kind of brown/blonde/ginger thing.. Hard to explain really
8. Why have I decided to blog? Because I have so much to say about so many things plus I have anxiety and I want to share how easy it can be to live your life while struggling with the pressures. I was influenced by the likes of Youtubers such as Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter (otherwise known as Louise) as well as many other bloggers and vloggers and I realised that this was something I really wanted to do. For myself, and for you guys.
9. When's my Birthday? January 6th!
10. Finally, why should you stick around and read my blog? Because I have so much to give and share with the world, I just want to make a difference and make others smile. I'm also rather amusing at times and I don't mind you criticising me too much so please do comment. 
Love you all! 
T xxx

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