Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Anxious Issues: Handling stress

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry this is late but there have a been a few internet issues and I've had a busy schedule this past week but don't you worry, I'll have caught you all up very soon! 

I have found that stressful situations can bring on panic attacks in any person so stress for a person with anxiety can be disastrous. This will hopefully give those of you who suffer some help and those who don't, a little more understanding. Then again it may just confuse you all but I try my best to explain this stuff so please don't fret if you don't understand, I'm happy to take any questions or comments!

Stress can come from many different things, for some people it's dealing with large crowds and for other's it's work, but it's always one of the most anxiety spurring things. As a university student, I find that stressful situations often involve personal relationships, workload or social situations and these three things should always be handled in different ways.

How a person deals with stress really depends on just how badly affected they feel, for some a stress ball can be the best aid but others may need a long hot soak in the tub or a massage. As well as the physical relief methods there are the emotional and mental workouts of writing, reading and just chilling out listening to some music maybe even taking a nap if it helps. You might be the kind of person who enjoys a spot of yoga to relax or a good bike ride, if it works then you do it.

When having a panic attack due to stress, immediately stop whatever task you're doing and move away. It may be an essay you're writing that's stressing you out in which case go outside or take a bath, just by attempting to go and do something completely opposite you will feel an immediate calming effect. Always try to get away from the situation at hand, even if you can't manage to go far, having that space will help your heartbeat and breathing steady. 

If you have space in your room/flat/house, create a 'stress free zone' and make it a place you can go and relax doing the things you love. It might be the bathroom if you're one to find bathing relaxing, or it could be your bed. I suggest you create a corner, fill it with cushions, bits of material, posters, whatever takes your fancy and make it in to a place you can go and be comfortable, a place that's completely yours and yours alone. Draw up some rules, maybe like these:
1. When I am in the 'chill zone' no-one is allowed to disturb me
2. No-one but me is allowed to change the 'chill zone' 
3. No work of any kind is to be brought in to the 'chill zone'
By setting out these rules and enforcing them in your household, you will have gained your own little personal bubble of space to do the things you enjoy.

That's all for now, it's sort and sweet, but handling stress is something that has to be dealt with individually. If you have any stress relieving techniques you'd like to share please feel free to pop them in the comments or get in touch with me and I'll be happy to write them up!

Love you all!

T xxx

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