Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Hello my lovelies! 

It's New Year's Eve! Which means that it's time to get ready for the year ahead, moving on from our past. Now, I don't know about you, but I always find that my resolutions are broken within months, if not weeks or days! So I thought, why not share my resolutions with you guys so you can punish me if I break them? 

That's right, I'm going to blog about the progress of my New Year's resolutions and if you think that I have broken then I will take a forfeit that one of you guys has given me. Videoed and put on YouTube for your pleasure of course. Get creative and comment either below, on Facebook or Tumblr or tweet me with your forfeits and I shall put them together in a list ready for my breaking of promises.

1. Blog regularly. It's a simple one, but I would definitely like to get in to doing this regularly with at least 1 or 2 posts every week! It'd be great if I could get some topic suggestions for my series so that they can be updated more often and have some interesting topics that I know you want to hear about.

2. Start up my YouTube page and actually do some videos! I'd really like to do something more than writing blog posts so I'm thinking of blogging some bits and doing some other bits and pieces. We'll have to see how it goes.

3. Lose weight. And don't have takeout more than once a week (Uni people, you know what I'm talking about). Those of you who know me know that I'm not exactly a healthy size, and as much as it doesn't appear to affect me, I'm actually really self conscious and have body issues that are linked with  past eating disorders. For this reason, this year I'm aiming to lose at least 2 and a half stone so that I can feel more comfortable in my own skin. 

4. Parallel to losing weight, do more exercise. I will be joing a local ladies gym this year and I aim to go at least twice a week plus do some more swimming training. I've always loved exercise but over the past 2 years I have become lazy which hasn't helped with my weight, this year I propose a major change in attitude towards my exercise.

5. Put some extra effort in at Uni. In other words, do my laundry, cook my own meals, attend all lectures and do all the work I'm supposed to. Simple right? Not so much, I do struggle with being around people which can make going to my lectures difficult but I am determined not to miss any more.

6. Say yes more often. Taking inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers and some of you guys, I plan to say yes to doing more things and getting involved in more outrageous and exciting activities that I would never have dreamed of doing. The plus side? You'll all get to take the journey of saying yes with me!

So that's my 6 resolutions. It's not going to be easy, granted, but that's why I want you guys to help me out. For every week that passes where I break one of these resolutions, I must do one if the forfeits that you guys have put forward. 

Get posting your challenges for me!!

Love you all!

T xxx

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