Friday, 7 February 2014

Freshers: Fresher's Week - Night Time

Hello my lovelies! 

Alright alright, calm down, it's here. The one thing I know you're all wanting to know about. Fresher's Week night life and the craziness that is involved. Now, I'm not saying that fresher's week is all about the partying and socialising but... it really is in so many ways. Before I say any more I must encourage you guys to drink responsibly and follow the legal requirements of your country. There, that's the formalities outta the way so let's "skip to the good bit".

University sure is the place to make lots of friends, especially during freshers week so do make the effort to go out with your house-mates or course-mates and get to know people. It is very likely that on the day you move in and throughout the week there will be reps from the local clubs and bars coming round the halls and student houses selling wristbands or tickets and if you know people are going then why not join them? Everyone goes a bit mental in freshers just try not to take it to the extreme. One thing you really should look out for is any reps selling bands that will last you for more than one night. In Chester this year we had a golden wristband that allowed us entry in to one of the clubs most nights for free for all of freshers week AND the week after for the same price as one night's entry. It's something worth getting plus you're able to keep it as a souvenir.

There will most definitely be theme nights at the different clubs, we had an army theme night at one and there was all sorts of stuff going off at another plus there was the SU which is a must have experience during freshers. Whatever day it's on (in most places it's a Friday night), even if you don't intend on going for the rest of the year, you simply have to go to your SU night. It'll be big, it'll be wild and you'll see everyone you've been getting friendly with since you joined. Also, if you don't drink it can be nice to go along anyway just for a little bit of a dance, chillax and bonding session.

It is likely that you or someone you know will make a few bad decisions during freshers, whether it's drinking one too many or getting down and dirty with the guy or girl two doors down... But for this one week only, it's not frowned upon! Sure, you may end up with a running house joke (you know exactly what I'm talking about ladies of CCC8) or the hangover of the century, but it's worth it. I'm not encouraging you to go to the extreme; there are people who end up in hospital and have terrible horror stories from freshers week because they went too mad with alcohol and they don't have any good memories. Do have fun, don't get stupid.

Not every night has to be about going to the local club and getting drunk, there may be some of you who don't drink at all and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Every university tends to put on some evening activities such as tea parties, religious services and activities, karaoke and alcohol-free events. Even for those of us who do drink. it can be nice to take a night off and go along to something a little bit different.

Tips for freshers week evenings;
- Take one night as a house, get takeout and watch a movie. Not every night needs to be going out partying.
- Get yourself down to the SU and see what it's like when everyone's there having fun.
- Drink responsibly. You don't have to be paralytic to have fun. 
- DO NOT go out the night before your lectures start, use it as a detox night. 
- Keep an eye on what you're spending, your loan won't come in straight away and you need to survive!
- Never ever go off on your own, if you want to go home find someone to go with you. 
- Look out for reps, they'll give you better deals than paying on the door.
- Drink too much and you will get Fresher's Flu. You have been warned.

Oh, and before I forget, if you don't get up to much during freshers week... there's always re-freshers after Christmas! 

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Let me know what crazy stories you have to share from your own freshers weeks!

Love you all!

T xxx

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