Tuesday, 18 February 2014

That moment you realise you're all grown up

Hello my lovelies! 

I have been rearranging and sorting my room since getting home and while doing so I have had some very unlike me kinda thoughts... And it's led me to wonder, have you ever hit that moment when you realise you're no longer a child?

I've put together a list of things that have made me notice my ever increasing bond with adulthood:

1. Getting stressed out by clutter 
As a kid I was always messy, in fact, right up until this summer! But recently I have had days where I get irritated if my room isn't clear or my bed isn't made and while sorting out my room at home I've fallen in love with the emptiness and clear spaces.

2. Job hunting isn't something to put off any longer
From the age of 13 most kids start casually browsing for paper rounds or babysitting, but in the past year and a half it's become a must have for me. Being now 19 and at university, I need to start earning if I want to be able to move out of the family house or go away with my friends. 

3. Junk food doesn't quite taste the same
Is it just me or is there a point in life where McDonalds and Dominoes are either not so delicious or simply just aren't as appealing and salads or proper meals become your best friends? That or it becomes far too delicious and you want it constantly.

4. Caring about how you look isn't such a big deal
Yeah... This is something that hasn't bothered me for a good few years now... But it deserves a place on the list. PJ bottoms are the best!

5. Nights out actually wear you down
Come on guys, 4 nights out in a row? It's no surprise you want to skip everything and sleep all day! 

6. Money is actually something to think about
It's surprising how much money is needed just to survive each week. How on Earth do our families manage to fun our demands throughout childhood? Parents deserve a medal.

7. The TV programmes that entertain you aren't cartoons and have complicated story lines
I'm going through a phase of loving all the soaps.. I hope it's just a phase. I don't mind loving all the cop shows though, some of those men are hothothot.

8. Going places means a little more than the corner shop or local pool
Coffee shops become your best friend and a trip to the museum or a local National Trust site aren't out of the question. Especially on a summer's day with a picnic!

9. Family time is cherished
As a child you don't really appreciate how precious the time you spend with your family is but I have realised that as I've gotten older, within a day we don't actually spend that much time with those who care for us. School takes up most of our time and then we either move away to university or get a job which means less time seeing each other... Eventually we only end up spending holidays and special occasions with the family! 

10. You care about the opinions of other
More importantly, the opinions of elders. As kids we're care free and we do what we want or what our parents tell us, but with age comes freedom and we have to make our own decisions. Eventually it comes full circle and you start asking those who you know have more experience or knowledge for their help and opinions. 

So there we have it, my top ten signs that you've become an adult. If you have anything to add to the list, do let me know or maybe I've enlightened you and made you realise that you're not quite a child any more. Or maybe you are. Who knows? Only you. 

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Love you all! 

T xxx

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