Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Instagram Weekly!

Hello my lovelies! 

So it's time for something new, that new thing being... a weekly round-up of my Instagram uploads!

So last week there was very little food featured for a change and rather a lot of selfies but each shall be explained! For a better look at any of the pictures, have a look for tammybecks on Instagram.

Top row:
1. So this is a notepad given to me for Christmas which I have recently started using rather regularly for really neat notes. It's got such lovely paper and the cutest cover and I'm using it mostly for Youtube and Blog post plans. 
2. White hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and cocoa powder... yummy... need I say more?
3. Weekly orchestra shot! This week featuring my baby (Matilda the Clarinet) and some of the sheet music from rehearsal.
4. Selfie with sunshine! I found a lovely little spot at Meg's window on Sunday morning which, with the sun blazing directly at it, gave lovely lighting for a cheeky snapshot.
5. Morning selfie. Yep, 1.15pm and we'd just woken up. I was still wearing clothes from the night before as I crashed at Meg's.

Middle Row:
1. Late night selfie! I opened the camera accidentally and realised it looked like I had a bob which had me the debating with myself as to whether I should get a bob or not which then led to me uploading a shot asking what people thought. 
2. OOTD - It's the best angle I can get with no full length mirror in my room I'm afraid. 
Dress-Primark, bolero cardigan-vintage, black tights-Primark
3. Another selfie! I had straight hair and make up on.. that always means there's a selfie moment.
4&5. I went out and treated myself to company magazine which had the lovely +Zoella as covergirl and featured article. It was certainly the perfect accompaniment to some pamper time.

Bottom Row:
1. Hair up selfie... Yeah.. I'm a selfie addict... But I had a scrunchie that matched my shirt so I was all excited!
2. Ted and I couldn't sleep. Need I say more?
4. Notifying people of a blog post in progress! Yep, it's a (not-so-)weekly favourites and it's coming up very soon.
5. Really? Another selfie? I think I need help...

So that's this week's round-up of my daily life and I think we can all agree I can be rather vain given the opportunity (even I can admit to that), but I can assure you that next week will have less me and more life. Promise! 

Feel free to comment or email me with your blog link, insta name or anything else you'd like to share with everyone and I'll be sure to check it out!

Also, if you'd like to feature your very own blog post RIGHT HERE then drop me an email and I'll see what we can do.

Love you all!

T xxx

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