Friday, 19 September 2014

Quick Update

Hello my lovelies!

The weather may be rather gloomy today but I'm a complete bundle of sunshine and happiness! It's been a rather lovely couple of weeks back home now and I'm getting super excited to be going back to Chester in a few days. I'm also super excited about some new projects that you guys will be able to hear about very soon and if you're a student it's going to be so much fun to get involved with! 

There are a few more posts coming up this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. Also, I'm looking to find out what it is you guys would like to read about so if there's something bugging you then get in touch! 

I've had a lot of emails, tweets and messages recently with such lovely messages from you all and it's so refreshing. I'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my ramblings (even though some of them make very little sense) and I'm very pleased that we've reached over 5,500 hits in the past couple of weeks. Coming up in the next few weeks will be some different content discussing things that trouble all of us including a very special guest post from a good friend of mine so get excited! 

It's been a short but sweet one for today but don't worry, I promise there's a more substantial post coming up tomorrow all about meeting new people. 

Love you all!


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