Monday, 8 December 2014

Top 5 beauty products this week - Blogmas 2014 Day 5

Hello my lovelies! 

It's a bit of a beauty one for you this week as I've been trying out lots of new things recently that I am absolutely loving. Most of these are things I recieved at the #FabbBirmingham event I went to a while ago but there's the odd thing that's been hiding in my box of goodies for a while that I've recently rediscovered and fallen in love with. 

First up it's the Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotion for fair to normal skin. This is a moisturiser that I always love as it gets to winter as it has a subtle self tan element for a gradual building tan. I use this product every other day, all over my skin, as it leaves it soft and shimmering. You do feel a bit sticky for about 10 minutes after application but it's well worth it for the results. 

Next is one of my old favourites that I received from Beauty Recommended quite a while ago and it has not been absent from my beauty bag since! The Olay Regenerist Luminous may seem like an odd choice for someone my age however it is the most delightful moisturiser to use on your face as it's super silky and smooth. It's so easy to apply and it smells amazing. 

Another moistursing style item I'm currently loving is Seventh Heaven by MeMeMe Cosmetics. This facebase is something I have been wishing for and now I have it, it's become a staple everyday item. With its citrus scent, it's really pleasurable to apply and so so smoothing when applied to the skin before make-up. 

Another MeMeMe Cosmetics item I'm enjoying is the Light Me Up lipgloss which I absolutely adore. I'm not entirely sure as to which shade this is however it's a sweet pink with a slight sparkle to it. The best thing about this lipgloss (apart from it being non-sticky, light-reflecting and super glossy) is that it tastes minty, has a mirror on the side for easy application and even has an LED light in the lid! 

The final thing on my list this week is the Intensive Hand Repair cream by Bee Good. Made with real honey and by British bees, this has become my essential item this Winter. I tend to get very dry skin in the colder months - particularly dry hands - so this product caught my eye. It's absolutely incredible! My hands have never been this soft during the Winter season and it only takes the tiniest drop of product to make a difference. It also smells amazing which is just an added bonus.

What have you been loving this week in the world of beauty? Let me know in the comments down below or get in touch through any of the links listed here

Love you all!


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