Monday, 7 December 2015

Quiet day! Blogmas 2015 - Day 7

Hello my lovelies!

I didn't get back to Chester yesterday until rather late so I was shattered and fell asleep before I could find the energy to write, which is why we've skipped ahead a day. At least I warned you! I did however have a lovely day yesterday so let me catch you up. 

Yesterday morning I had a small sleep in and spent as much time with my parents as possible. We had a Costa break just before lunch time and I had the delicious mulled fruits drink. I must say, I am rather a fan of mulled drinks... Mulled wine is of course my favourite, however these mulled fruits drinks on the Starbucks and Costa menus are seriously tasty. My mother stuck to the more traditional gingerbread latte, although she has a rather complicated order which is a bit of a nuisance but a whole lot simpler to make than it sounds, and my father had some kind of toffee/caramel drink... I think. I actually don't remember what he ordered. I'm not a coffee person though, so none of the festive things that have coffee in really appeal to me. I'm more of a cold drinks kinda gal.

The afternoon was really nice as I got to see my grandparents before I left as they joined us for a full Sunday Roast. I cannot explain to you how excited I was for a roast dinner. Last time I was home, I completely missed out on a proper Sunday roast and it was a total nightmare because it's the one meal I really look forward to when I go home. My mum's cooking is the best - although I may be a little biased haha. My coach left at 4.40pm so it was really nice that I had a full day to spend with my family before I headed back up to Chester.

My oh my was the coach journey a kerfuffle! We had a toilet door issue, an unidentified baggage scare and there were some irritating young teens who talked non-stop, but overall I rather enjoyed my trip. I definitely prefer coach travel, even with its excitement. I did end up getting back later than expected however as soon as I arrived, I decorated my entire room. My little Christmas tree has been covered in sparkles and ornaments, tinsel's been draped all over the place and fairy lights are lighting up my life. It was at that point that I fell asleep! 

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Today has just been a quiet day, I had an interview with a head teacher to arrange some work experience at a local school but as soon as that was out of the way, I went straight back to bed. Lazyyyy!

I shall catch up with you again tomorrow!

Love you all!